We are a small designer team in a small town in Sweden. We started producing wall decals 2011 and we are going to bring uniqueness and love to your walls.

Our store has a wide range of vinyl products, totally removable and all created by us by hand, designed with all material ecologically sourced by a varying range of colours.

If you don’t like our products we can personalize it through custom design so convo us and we’ll get it perfectly in the exact exact exact way YOU want it, for your home!♥

Our professional vinyl decor products include and more

- Children’s decals, kids , educating, animal stickers , quotes, biblical religious, door titles, letter box monograms , romantic decals. decals for boats, for car windows. Themes including inspiration motivation and quotes that work great

♥All of our vinyl products are ideal for your home, office, restaurant, studio any business franchise and decorate it anywhere that needs some extra added spice or love.♥

We do special gifting for boys kids girls husband wife boyfriend girlfriend auntie uncle and anyone important to you, so message us and we can fix that for you.

Our walldecals are easy to put up and include easy installation instructions to do so - no matter if you’re using it on your kitchen, bedroom, living room, kidsroom and/or bathroom (+ instructions for other rooms)

If you haven’t heard of wallstickers walldecors or walldecals - this is the perfect place for you to see amazing and the imaginative ways of decoration that CAN occur to make your home beautiful.

We are a very new store and we’re always improving, so we wanted to say, many many thanks for stopping by and checking out our store!


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✦✦See something you don`t like? We do specialized decals just for you !

♥Welcome to our Zibbet store - we are a small designer team in Sweden that specializes in premium high quality vinyl wallstickers which spreads love cuteness and uniqueness to your home .
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